Halfrican. This is what my friend Andrew the Jew started calling me in high school, when we all thought racially motivated nicknames were perfectly acceptable. Why am I lying, he still calls me that and we both still find the names perfectly acceptable. It’s fitting though right? Half-African? We both thought it was very clever. Truth be told though, I highly doubt any real African blood runs through these veins. Considering the fact that through much of high school I heard, “Tori, I’m blacker than you, I think,” in a state that has a 0.4% Black population… that’s saying something. I grew up in Montana thinking that having a white mom and a black dad was VERY unique… well it’s not. HALFIES ARE EVERYWHERE. And they all have my hair.
So mixed girls of the world, this blog is dedicated to you, as I’m sure you have many untold stories… and I’m gonna tell them.

Tall, dark, and beautiful. Hahaha JOKES…about the tall…and dark. Notice how I kept beautiful? I mean, I could be tall, amongst 2nd graders…and midgets (“midgets” is not PC, but I’m saying it anyway). Back to me; I mean, technically I should be dark, considering I’m white and black, a halfie. Anyway, I have curly, medium length hair, brown eyes, and I’m 5’0”. My height has a lot to do with my inner turmoil. That being said, I’m pretty comfortable in my skin now that I’ve come to accept myself for all that I am! I’m extremely energetic and my imagination knows no boundaries…except when it comes to chemistry. I just want to clarify that this blog isn’t about me being black. I’m just as white as I am black, and I embrace both equally. It just so happens, however, that many of my comical life-related-problems have come about due to the influence of my black genes. But don’t get it twisted, I have those white-girl-problems too, haha!
Well anyway ladies and gents, Tori and I are here to share our mixed girl woes with you; all of you mixed people out there, fret no longer, we feel your pain. Also, we’d love to hear about any comical (or serious) incidents that have happened in your life!